2017-2018 Guest Artists

Dr. Elyssa Bourke - Myofascial Release Workshop

Elyssa Bourke - Chiropractic / Myofacial Release Workshop

Megan Castlevetre - Butti Yoga Workshop

Dasha Chapman and Mario LaMothe - Workshop: "At the Juncture of Performance, Queer, and Caribbean Studies."

Bryn Cohn - Contemporary Dance Residency: Bryn Cohn is an award-winning choreographer, educator, scholar and movement consultant, founding Bryn Cohn + Artists in 2011.

Jennifer Dennehey - Hooping Master Class

Beth Elkins – Pilates Workshop

N’Jelle Gage-Thorne - Caribbean Ballet Master Class

Kathleen Golde - Aerial Master Class

Shonica Gooden (Hamilton, Cats) - Broadway / Musical Theatre Repertory Master Class

Drew Fornarola - Musical Theatre Audition Workshop

Nadine George-Graves - Dance Lecturer

Douglas Gillespie - Contemporary Dance Residency: Gillespie, an originating company member of Kate Weare Company, is a Brooklyn-based artist passionate in the making, teaching and embodiment of dance as an art form.

Rebecca Guile - Contemporary Dance Master Class

Claire Jacob-Zysman - Modern Dance Master Class

Julie Lamancuso - Dance Workshop

Claudio Muñoz (Houston Ballet) - Ballet Master Class

Terri Philips - Tap Master Class

Max Reed (Spiderman: Turn off the Dark) - Contemporary Dance Master Class

Treeline Dance - Modern Dance Master Class

Guy Thorne (Garth Fagan Dance) - Contemporary Dance Master Class

Roberto Villenueva (Bala Sole Dance) - Business Seminar & Audition

Stacy Van Blarcorm - Hip Hop Dance Master Class                    

Janet Werther - Performing Arts Archival Workshop

Bryn Cohn photo.

Bryn Cohn

N'Jelle Gage-Thorne photo.

N'Jelle Gage-Thorne

Claudio Muñoz photo.

Claudio Muñoz

Guy Thorne photo.

Guy Thorne