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UB’s Theatre BA program includes study in a broad range of theatrical disciplines covering the artistic, literary, historical, and technical aspects of theatre and performance, while encouraging students to design their curriculum around a specific focus in production or scholarship. The flexibility of the degree allows for an open exploration and adaptability based on a students’ unique area of interest. 

UB Theatre students are some of the most accomplished students in the College of Arts and Sciences. The program can serve as the groundwork for further study in theatre or as the liberal arts foundation for a variety of satisfying careers and graduate study. Our graduates have gone on to study at Yale, Rutgers, Southern Methodist University, among others. We’re pleased that many of our Theatre graduates go on to successful careers in professional theatre, film, and television. We are equally impressed by the many others who apply the skills and knowledge from their theatre studies to enter law school, MBA programs, arts administration, education, and many other professional fields. A Theatre major is an excellent way for students to develop the critical skills of writing, technology, presentation, and critical thinking vital to professional success in the 21st century.

Course of Study

BA Theatre students take core courses in the fundamentals of theatre including acting, theatre history, and design. Beyond these requirements, students choose from among a wide variety of courses in their specific areas of interest, including acting, design, directing, stage management, dramaturgy, production, and theatre studies.  BA students enhance their background in theatre by taking courses in Media Study, Visual Studies, and English, among others.

Flexibility. Students can choose coursework from the theatrical disciplines that fits their collegiate and career goals. Our BA degree complements many other programs within the university, and is a great option for students interested in double majoring.  

Creative Opportunities. Theatre BA students are involved with departmental productions with a range of roles including as designers, technicians, dramaturgs, performers, and managers. 

Practical Experience. BA students can create their own productions with departmental financial support, and can also earn credit for internships and production opportunities in Buffalo’s professional theatres. 

Application Requirements

Students must be accepted academically by the university in order to pursue the Theatre BA. Current students must be in good academic standing, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. There is no audition or interview required for the Theatre BA. 

Students considering the BFA program in either Design and Technology or Performance who have not yet interviewed or auditioned are automatically placed in the Theatre BA program. Students who are interested in the Music Theatre BFA who have not yet successfully auditioned are also placed in the Theatre BA program. Students placed in the Theatre BA who have interest in a BFA program should speak to the Academic Manager to work on scheduling and requirements. 

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