BFA in Dance

Dancers on a dark stage.

The UB DANCE PROGRAM is a nurturing and challenging artistic community where Versatility Matters. We value education fueled by stimulating professional performing and teaching experiences that support students in a variety of career paths in the professional world of dance and beyond. Our BFA Dance program includes comprehensive training in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, along with coursework in choreography, pedagogy, somatic practices, movement analysis, history, criticism and research.  

Unique to our programs are offerings in comparative jazz styles and techniques. Additional offerings include: dance kinesiology, improvisation, music theatre dance, social dance, partnering, Laban Movement Analysis, mind-body integration, creative movement, and internships in dance. This broad course of study combined with strong interdisciplinary general education requirements cultivate resourceful and informed artists that successfully pursue graduate study and/or work in the areas of concert dance, commercial dance, private sector and K-12 dance education, higher education, and dance journalism.

Course of Study

All Dance majors begin in the Dance BA program. After successfully completing their first year of study, students interested in the BFA Dance program can audition at the start of their second year for that track. BFA Dance majors must complete advanced study in all technique areas, as well as additional courses in partnering, social dance, and choreography along with core academic work in pedagogy, movement analysis, and history.  

The BFA Dance program is a professional degree with emphasis and focus on in-depth technique and performance training built on a solid academic foundation of core general education and dance curriculum requirements. Students who pursue the BFA degree are primarily focused on a dance training, performance, and choreography, although some may pursue minors in order to supplement their major courses. The hands-on, experiential nature of dance courses at UB requires that dance coursework be completed in residency; exceptions for clearly articulated transfer work may be applied. 

UB Dance on Stage

Performance opportunities for students to showcase performance and choreography in the Center for the Arts’ state of the art facilities include:

  • Zodiaque Dance Company, the resident pre-professional dance company at UB that performs a fall and spring concert
  • UB Choreolab, Student Company that presents an annual spring concert. 
  • Emerging Choreographers Showcase for eligible juniors and seniors to present inventive, risk-taking choreography mentored by faculty. 
  • Dancers Workshop, a student directed performance for all students

In addition to these regular performance opportunities, our students are also involved in special university and community projects throughout the year, which can range from industrial style performances to private and public outreach performances. 

Application Requirements

An audition is required for our BA and BFA Dance degree programs. Students who have successfully completed their first year of study as a Dance BA can audition for the Dance BFA at the start of their second year. Transfer students can apply during their first year if they have completed a full year at another dance institution.  Prospective students are encouraged to audition prior to matriculation at UB.  Current UB students who audition for the dance major should contact the Theatre and Dance Academic Manager to discuss their degree completion timetable. UB does not offer a dance minor.

  • UB students who are non-dance majors wishing to take dance technique courses should see the course schedule for dance courses listed as “open”.   

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