Advanced Certificate in Developmental Science

Director Jamie Ostrov.

Director, Jamie M. Ostrov, PhD

The Advanced Certificate in Developmental Science allows graduate students in psychology to study developmental science theory, methods and application. This certificate is designed to enhance the formal training opportunities of graduate students in psychology so that they are able to effectively contribute to knowledge generation and knowledge transfer within the developmental science field.

The Learning Environment

Developmental scientists address important questions and problems that have impact on children, adolescents, families, health providers, policy makers and the larger community. The topics of study range from the development of aggression and substance use problems to aging and language development and are fundamentally important for the scientific field as well as the public. 

The Advanced Certificate in Developmental Science is a 16-credit program that is designed to complement doctoral and MA degrees offered in the Department of Psychology. The curriculum provides students enrolled in one of the department's graduate programs the opportunity to explore topics and approaches in developmental science broadly and exposure to the fields of developmental psychology, applied developmental psychology, developmental psychopathology, lifespan development and related disciplines using human and animal models through a combination of coursework and research experiences.

The Admissions Process

Students may apply to the certificate program after matriculation into one of the Department of Psychology's graduate degree programs (Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive or Social-Personality PhD programs, or MA in General Psychology program). The admissions requirement is good academic standing in one of these graduate programs. 

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