Undergraduate Admissions

Incoming students celebrate at the annual new student picnic on Baird Point.

The next class of Bulls celebrates at the annual new student picnic on Baird Point

At the College of Arts and Sciences, we strive to cultivate courageous leaders and global thinkers who apply themselves toward research and hands-on engagement within their fields. If you have been seeking an educational experience that moves beyond the four walls of a classroom, we invite you to step through our doors and into your future.

Choosing a Major

Your major is important, but it does not always define what you do with the rest of your life. At UB, students need not declare a major immediately. Instead, we hope you will take the time to explore the more than 60 majors available in the College. When you're ready to choose, we're here to help.

Notes from Dean Schulze

The liberal arts grants students the imagination to be creative and the courage to be entrepreneurial. This, in my view, is the working definition of education.

Double Majors and Joint Majors

From the arts and humanities to the social and natural sciences, our students follow their calling beyond disciplinary boundaries. Some students choose to double major, earning one degree with two majors (e.g. a BA in History and Political Science). Students must be accepted into each major and fulfill all the requirements of each major to receive their degree.

Other students elect to work toward a joint major by combining the subjects of two departments (e.g. Geography and Economics). A joint major does not require completion of all of the requirements of each major; they are determined by the student and the departments.

Additionally, some undergraduates pursue majors from two different degree types (e.g. BA, BS, BFA), resulting in a double degree. These students graduate with two separate types of baccalaureate degrees (e.g. a BA in English and a BS in Chemistry).

Combined Degree Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of degree tracks for those students interested in pursuing combined degrees. 


Typically composed of six courses, the minor offers students a means to complement the major, explore a sub-specialty, and/or broaden their career options. Discover a hidden talent or add skills to your resume – it's all at your fingertips.

UB Undergraduate Admissions

Learn about the application process, schedule a campus visit, request further information, and make a plan for funding your education.

Departments and Programs

With 30 departments, 23 centers and institutes, two art galleries, and major theater and music performance venues, the College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division in the University at Buffalo. 

Degree Tracks at a Glance

The College of Arts and Sciences offers over 60 baccalaureate degree options, as well as the opportunity to pursue a combined bachelor's/master's degree while still an undergraduate student. 

Experiential Learning

As a College of Arts and Sciences undergrad, you have the opportunity to participate in internships, community engagement projects, study abroad programs, independent research and a host of other experiences. 


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