Bio Experiential Learning Fellowship

The Biological Sciences Experiential Learning Fellowship aims to provide students with financial support to facilitate undergraduate experiential learning through internships. Accepted students can expect to receive financial support from the Department of Biological Sciences in the amount of $3,375. while interning 15-hours per week for the duration of one semester (15 weeks). Students will also concurrently enroll in BIO496, Biological Sciences Internship course, for 3 credits. Internships may be completed during the fall or spring semester.

Biological Sciences Experiential Learning Fellowships

To apply for internships, students must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be a declared Biological Sciences major; 
  • Be matriculated and have completed at least 30 credits;
  • Have completed the introductory biology sequence (BIO200 and BIO201) with a minimum grade of B;
  • Have a minimum institutional GPA of 3.0

Some internships may have additional criteria. Site-specific requirements will be included in internship postings.

INTERNSHIP SITE ELIGIBILITY: Potential internships must provide students an opportunity to gain practical hands-on training, skill development and experience in a professional setting outside of the university and under the guidance of professionals in a work environment related to biology. Business and organizations must be located in Western New York and internships must allow students to meet the objectives of the BIO496 internship course which include:

  • Applying skills and knowledge learned in a non-academic environment;
  • Acquiring technical and professional skills relevant to the biological sciences major;
  • Developing problem-solving and scientific communication skills;
  • Gaining real-world experience relevant to their academic or career interests;
  • Exploring and strengthening their academic and career goals.

Businesses or organizations interested in participating will submit a brief application describing an intern’s anticipated duties and responsibilities. Clarity of the duties and responsibilities of student interns, and alignment to the objectives of the BIO496 internships course, will be taken into consideration for selection. Applications for fall internships will be considered until June 15. Applications for spring internships will be considered until November 15. 

After review of applications, the internships positions accepted for the fellowship program will be posted to Handshake, powered by Bullseye, and shared with declared Biological Sciences majors. Interested students who meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the Department of Biological Sciences, and any additional internship-specific requirements defined by the internship site, will apply directly to the business or organization. Representatives from the internship site will conduct their own interviews and the select student intern they wish to work with, then notify the Biological Sciences Internship Coordinator of their decision.     


DURING THE INTERNSHIP: Students will work 15 hours per week at their internship site over the duration of the semester.

During the internship, the business or organization must assign a supervisor to the student who will:

  • Provide an orientation to the internship site and clearly discuss the requirements of the internship with the student intern;
  • Work with the student to complete on-site goals, duties and responsibilities;
  • Provide opportunities for the student to meet and work with professionals in their field;
  • Provide ongoing supervision and feedback to the student on his/her performance, and submit brief mid-term and final evaluations of the student work to the Internship Coordinator.
  • Communicate with the Internship Coordinator regarding questions or concerns, and to confirm the total hours worked by the intern.
  • During the internship, the student intern will:
  • Perform, to the best of their ability, tasks assigned by the site supervisor which are related to BIO496 learning objectives and to the responsibilities of the position;
  • Abide by the University at Buffalo Student Conduct Code and academic policies, and follow all the rules, regulations and normal requirements of the internship site;
  • Complete all assignments, reflections and assessments outlined in the BIO496 course syllabus under the guidance of the Internship Coordinator;
  • Notify the Internship Coordinator and/or site supervisor of any questions or concerns that arise, or problems that may develop during the on-the- job experience.