Experiential Learning Opportunities

Image courtesy of the Taylor Lab.

Image courtesy of the Taylor Lab

Every undergraduate student in Biological Sciences becomes a member of our community of scholars, working closely together with faculty and peers to advance the field of biology and develop a life-long interest in life science. The curriculum of our undergraduate program emphasizes learning by doing.  

Our instructional philosophy of “lead with the lab” allows students at every level to develop critical thinking skills while providing broad, deep and state-of-the-art training in all life science disciplines. 

Beyond laboratory coursework, we offer undergraduates the opportunity to perform research side-by-side with faculty and the scheduling flexibility to participate in internships and study abroad programs.  

Our students are active members of several groups, such as:


  • BIO 200
  • BIO 211
  • BIO 313
  • BIO 315
  • BIO 329
  • BIO 370
  • BIO 332
  • BIO 400
  • BIO 420

If you are interested in obtaining lab research experience, contact the faculty whose research you are most interested in.

Project Portal

Start a project to build skills and gain real-world experience for your career. The Experiential Learning Network's Project Portal is the easiest place to get started! Once you start a project, you can also pursue an ELN Digital Badge to display your accomplishments to future employers and graduate schools.