Minor in Economics

Economics students in class.

The Economics minor provides a general introduction to the field, and is especially suited to students obtaining a Bachelor's of Science (BS) degree (such as Engineering and Management) who cannot pursue a joint major. 

Admissions Requirements:

  1. Overall cumalative GPA of at least 2.0
  2. GPA of least 2.5 in any two economics courses
  3. A PASS in any one of MTH 121, 131 or 141

Degree Requirements

Courses   Credits
Required Courses

ECO 380: Economic Statistics & Data Analysis

ECO 405: Microeconomic Theory

ECO 407: Macroeconomic Theory

ECO 480: Econometrics I






Any three (3) upper-level economics electives, excepting ECO 495, ECO 496, ECO 498, or ECO 499 6
Permitted Substitution for ECO 480 MTH 411 and STA 302; or GEO 211 and 411; or EAS 305 3-4
Total Minor Credits   25

The three required courses (ECO 405, 407 and 480) are offered every semester. At least two 400-level courses are also offered each semester, allowing students to complete the minor in a timely manner. The department also recommends, but does not require, that students take ECO 181: Introduction to Macroeconomics and ECO 182: Introduction to Microeconomics.