When are master's courses typically offered?


Fall Semester 

Spring Semester
ECO 504 Financial Analysis & Reporting YES YES
ECO 505 Microeconomic Theory YES NO
ECO 507 Macroeconomic Theory YES NO
ECO 511 Health Economics* YES NO
ECO 512 Environmental Economics YES NO
ECO 515 Mathematics for Economists* YES YES
ECO 516 Economic Development YES NO
ECO 518 Economics of East Asia* NO YES
ECO 521 Urban Economics* YES NO
ECO 525 Money and Financial Institutions* NO YES
ECO 526 Financial Economics I YES NO
ECO 527 Financial Economics II NO YES
ECO 528 Empirical Methods in Financial Econ. NO YES
ECO 529 Economics of Asset Valuation NO YES
ECO 535 International Economics YES NO
ECO 536 International Finance NO YES
ECO 543 Labor Economics YES NO
ECO 544 Economics of Education NO YES
ECO 555 Information and Internet Economics NO YES
ECO 561 Economics of Fluctuation & Forecasting NO
ECO 564 Economics of the Public Sector YES NO
ECO 567 Game Theory* NO YES
ECO 569 Industrial Organization YES NO
ECO 570 Economics of Regulation NO YES
ECO 576 Topics in Microeconomics NO YES
ECO 578 Computational Investments NO YES
ECO 580 Econometrics I YES NO
ECO 581 Econometrics II NO YES
ECO 582 Computational Econometrics YES NO
ECO 583 Econometric Applications NO YES
ECO 588 Practicum in Financial Econ I YES NO
ECO 589 Practicum in Financial Econ II NO YES
ECO 592 Economics of Risk Management YES NO
ECO 595 Topics in International Economics** NO YES
ECO 597 Internship YES (Director Permission)
YES (Director Permission)
ECO 598 Independent Research YES (Faculty Permission)
YES (Faculty Permission)

*When available
**Also offered Summer semester