Graduate TA Spotlight – Sirui Liu

Sirui Liu is a PhD student in the Department of Economics studying applied microeconomics, specifically labor economics.  During the fall and spring semesters, Sirui often TAs for Introduction to Microeconomics (ECO 182) and Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECO 181).  During the winter and summer sessions, you can find Sirui teaching Introduction to Microeconomics (ECO 182)!

Why did you choose economics?  Why did you choose your subfield?

SL: Economics fascinates me because it integrates mathematical rigor into the social science field. The reason I choose labor economics as my subfield is that it studies the nature of employment which almost all individuals face at some point in their lives.

Which class in the major has been your favorite and why?

SL: My favorite class is health economics, because it introduced useful empirical methods economists rely on for analyzing impacts of government policies.

What research are you working on right now?

SL: I am currently working on some projects that study the effects of scholarships on students’ educational outcomes and labor market performances.

Fast Facts.

Fast Facts

What was your favorite class as an undergrad?

SL: My favorite class was a drawing course. It was an 8 AM three-hour class which we met in a studio twice a week, and I cherished every minute of it.

What is your top piece of advice for your students?

SL: Follow your heart; maybe it means stepping out of your comfort zone. When you look back at what you have done, you will realize all your experiences are marvelous.             

What is one thing that you recommend students do while at UB?

SL: Explore everything you can! Take classes that you may have never thought of; try foods that you did not dare to try; go for trips without thorough planning; meet people from different cultural backgrounds.