Graduate TA Spotlight – Ye Jiang

Ye Jiang is a PhD student in the Department of Economics studying applied microeconomics, specifically labor and health economics.  This semester, you can find Ye acting as a TA for Introduction to Microeconomics (ECO 182)!

Ye Jiang.

Ye Jiang

Why did you choose economics?  Why did you choose your subfield?

YJ: Completely randomly assigned by my undergraduate school, as the Department of Economics had one spot left. And I had no choice at that time. I chose labor economics as my subfield because it highly matches my research interests related to social inequality and discrimination issues.

Which class in the major has been your favorite and why?

YJ: Econometrics! It is important, useful, and very interesting!

What research are you working on right now?

YJ: Currently, I am working on research related to social inequality and discrimination in the fields of labor economics and health economics.

Fast Facts.

Fast Facts

What was your favorite class as an undergrad?

YJ: Econometrics.

What is your top piece of advice for your students?

YJ: Develop your interests in economics, and let interests lead you.

What is one thing that you recommend students do while at UB?

YJ: Watch one UB Bulls Basketball Game in the Alumni Arena!