New degree announced: STEM MS in Econometric and Quantitative Economics

We are happy to announce the launching of a new STEM master's degree: MS in Econometric and Quantitative Economics. A STEM degree provides important additional benefits to both international and domestic students. International students will be granted a longer OPT timeline through the STEM OPT eligible criteria. Graduate students in the new degree will be eligible to receive outside STEM scholarships and aid, such as those from the NSF.

The content of this revised concentration offers sufficient depth of econometric and mathematical methods that enable what we previously had as concentration to qualify as an exciting STEM degree program. This will provide students with a degree that more accurately describes the content and skill-set our students acquire for employment in the private and governmental sectors of the economy than the more general degree title of “Economics” that they currently receive.

This is a 36 credit degree program.

The program is tailored to the provide the skills required of a quantitative economist seeking employment in the private profit and non-profit sectors as well as in the government and NGO sectors, as it focuses on providing advanced knowledge and proper utilization of mathematical and quantitative skills required of Economists in practical applications. The program focuses on mathematical and statistical theories that prepare our students to perform a wide gamut of business research, including cost-benefit analysis, researching market trends, and forecasting future changes in economic activity in various sectors of the economy. In addition, our students deal with large data sets related to financial, international, and experimental issues, and branch out into areas like health and hi-tech research requiring high mathematical, statistical, and econometric tools.