Susan Margulis



Susan Margulis


Susan Margulis


Research Areas

Animal Behavior, Ecology, Conservation, Primatology.

Contact Information

201A Health Sciences Building

Canisius College

Phone: (716) 888-2773


  • PhD, University of Chicago, Evolutionary Biology
  • MA, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • BS, Bucknell University, Animal Behavior

Recent Publications

  • Sarfaty, A. Margulis, S.W., Atsalis, S. 2011. Effects of combination birth control on estrous behavior in captive Western lowland gorillas, Gorilla gorilla gorilla. Zoo Biology, 31: 350-361.
  • Margulis, S.W., Steele, G.R., and Kleinfelder, R. E. III. 2012. Use of buckets as tools by Western lowland gorillas. Zoo Biology, 31: 260-266.
  • LeFauve, MK, and Margulis, SW. 2015. Functionality in tool use in Western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Animal Behavior and Cognition.2: 96-104.
  • Robbins, L. and Margulis, S.W. 2016. Music for the birds: effects of auditory enrichment on captive bird species. Zoo Biology. 35: 29-34.
  • Braude, S., Margulis, SW, Broder, D. In press. The study of animal behavior provides valuable opportunities for original science fair projects: recommendations from The Animal Behavior Society, Education Committee. American Biology Teacher.

Courses Taught

(At Canisius College)

  • Primatology, BIO312
  • Zoo Animal Management, ABEC251
  • Conservation Biology, BIO322
  • Animal Enrichment, ABEC339