Mary Bisson's Lab.

Evolution, Ecology and Behavior Faculty Advisors

The following faculty are accepting new MS students for the Evolution, Ecology and Behavior (EEB) Program, and new students for either the PhD EEB Ecology Track or Sustainability Track.  To see a complete list of all the Environmental and Sustainability Faculty and Affiliated Faculty (including all those in the EEB program), please visit our Faculty page

Advisors for MS and PhD Ecology Track in EEB

Micheal Dent (accepting MS students): Animal Behavior; Animal Communication; Audition, Complex Sound Perception

Omer Gokcumen (accepting MS students): Genetics of what makes us human; Comparative primate genomics; Genomic structural variation

Nicholas Henshue (accepting MS students): Restoration Ecology; Soil ecology

Nicholas Holowka (accepting EEB PhD-Ecology Track and MS students): Biological Anthropology; Human Movement; Biomechanics; Functional Morphology; Primate Locomotion; Human Health

Trevor Krabbenhoft (accepting EEB PhD-Ecology Track and MS students): Ichthyology; Genomics; Aquatic Ecology

Chris Larsen (accepting MS students): Forest Conservation Biogeography; Climate Change; Geographic Information Systems; Paleoecology

Vincent Lynch (accepting EEB PhD-Ecology Track and MS students): Genetics; Genomics & Systems Biology; Evolutionary Biology

D. Scott Mackay (accepting EEB PhD-Ecology Track and MS students): Ecohydrology; Climate Change; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems

Richard Marinos (accepting MS students): biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, watershed science

Eduardo Mercado III (accepting EEB PhD-Ecology Track and MS students): Animal Cognition; Vocal Behavior of Vertebrates; Learning and Plasticity

Matthew Paul (accepting EEB PhD-Ecology Track and MS students): Neuroendocrine regulation of reproductive and social development; Biological Rhythms; Sex Differences

Stephanie Poindexter (accepting MS students): Movement Ecology; Primate Behavioral Ecology; Primate Evolution; Primate Conservation; Sensory Evolution

Ann-Marie Torregrossa (accepting MS students): Physiology diet selection; salivary proteins

Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel (accepting MS students): Biological Anthropology; Human Evolution; Evolutionary Morphology; Modern Human Variation; Craniometrics; Geometric Morphometrics

Heather Williams (accepting MS students): Behavioral and spatial ecology of migratory birds

Adam Wilson (accepting EEB PhD-Ecology Track and MS students): Ecological impacts of global environmental change; Species distributions; Ecosystem resilience; Climate change; Bayesian modeling

Advisors for PhD Sustainability Track in EEB

Holly Buck (accepting EEB PhD-Sustainability Track students): Climate change, global environmental governance, environmental policy, science and technology studies, public participation in emerging technologies

Susan Clark (accepting EEB PhD-Sustainability Track students): Sustainability education, climate change policy, sustainable development and resilient infrastructure systems. Clark’s current research focuses on quantifying the social burden of power outages due to natural disasters and extreme events.

Kirk Jalbert (accepting EEB PhD-Sustainability Track students): Activism and social movements, civic science, energy policy and governance, environmental justice, participatory action research, science and technology studies, resilient infrastructure systems.

Marisa Manheim (will be accepting EEB PhD-Sustainability Track students starting fall 2024): Environmental governance, public participation, sustainability transitions, design research, participatory action research. 

Emily Reisman (accepting EEB PhD-Sustainability Track students): Sustainable agriculture & food systems; political ecology; science & technology studies; more-than-human geography; hydrosocial systems