Mary Bisson's Lab.

Evolution, Ecology and Behavior Faculty Advisors

The following faculty are accepting new PhD or MS students for the Evolution, Ecology and Behavior Program.  To see a complete list of all the Environmental and Sustainability Faculty and Affiliated Faculty (including all those in the EEB program), please visit our Faculty page

Micheal Dent (accepting MS students): Animal Behavior; Animal Communication; Audition, Complex Sound Perception

Omer Gokcumen (accepting MS students): Genetics of what makes us human; Comparative primate genomics; Genomic structural variation

Nicholas Henshue (accepting MS students): Restoration Ecology; Soil ecology

Nicholas Holowka (accepting PhD and MS students): Biological Anthropology; Human Movement; Biomechanics; Functional Morphology; Primate Locomotion; Human Health

Trevor Krabbenhoft (accepting PhD and MS students): Ichthyology; Genomics; Aquatic Ecology

Chris Larsen (accepting MS students): Forest Conservation Biogeography; Climate Change; Geographic Information Systems; Paleoecology

Vincent Lynch (accepting PhD and MS students): Genetics; Genomics & Systems Biology; Evolutionary Biology

D. Scott Mackay (accepting PhD and MS students): Ecohydrology; Climate Change; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems

Richard Marinos (accepting MS students): biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, watershed science

Eduardo Mercado III (accepting PhD and MS students): Animal Cognition; Vocal Behavior of Vertebrates; Learning and Plasticity

Matthew Paul (accepting PhD and MS students): Neuroendocrine regulation of reproductive and social development; Biological Rhythms; Sex Differences

Stephanie Poindexter (accepting MS students): Movement Ecology; Primate Behavioral Ecology; Primate Evolution; Primate Conservation; Sensory Evolution

Ann-Marie Torregrossa (accepting MS students):  Physiology diet selection; salivary proteins

D. Marie Weide (serving on MS committees): Diatoms; Palaeoecology; Palaeolimnology; Palaeontology

Heather Williams (accepting MS students): Behavioral and spatial ecology of migratory birds

Adam Wilson (accepting PhD and MS students): Ecological impacts of global environmental change; Species distributions; Ecosystem resilience; Climate change; Bayesian modeling