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Online Learning

The College of Arts and Sciences online learning can help you design courses, improve existing course content and learn how to use UB-supported online tools to develop engaging classes and videos.

Online Tools

UB offers a variety of tools to aid your teaching needs. This collection of online tools is designed to help you explore and create exceptional courses. These include on-demand training, online resources and 24/7 support.

UB Learns Zoom Panopto UBbox

UB students, faculty and staff can use UBbox to store, share and access academic and university-related documents from anywhere, with people inside and outside of UB.

On-Demand Training

Using UBbox in your courses is a great way to collect and store assignments and projects from your students, and it can be embedded into UB Learns. Here are a few tutorials to get you started using UBbox.

Using UBbox

UBbox is a cloud-based online tool that you can store and access documents from anywhere at any time.

Sharing Links

Learn to control who can access, see who's reviewed documents, set passwords, expiration dates and custom URLs, and more.

Collaborate in Folders

Start collaborating with people in and outside UB when you invite and share specified working documents and folders.

UBbox and UB Learns

See how to get HTML codes from UBbox that can be used to seamlessly display files or folder contents in UB Learns.

Helpful Accessibility Resources:

Download our Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates for step-by-step instructions on making your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations accessible and unlocking your content for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Common Questions

Have more UBbox questions?

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about UBbox on the UBIT website or contact Jay Stockslader, Director of Online Learning and Continuing Education.

UB Online Learning Resources

Set your students up for success with these helpful resources.

UB Teach Anywhere

Teach Anywhere will help you navigate the comprehensive resources that UB has, helping to ensure your success in teaching online or in the classroom. 

College Support

You can find support every step of the way. Here are a few support resources unique to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Online Learning and Continuing Education

The College provides hundreds of academic courses online each year. Contact Jay Stockslader, Dirtector of Online Learning and Continuing Education, to discuss how to offer your class online, learn more about instructional design, or develop an online degree program.

CAS Educational Technology (CASet)

CASet provides comprehensive information technology services and support to the College. CASet partners with faculty and staff to meet instructional, research and administrative needs by servicing and consulting on matters relating to technology.

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Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation

The University at Buffalo Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation (CATT) provides leadership and support for delivering and assessing 21st-century instruction across physical and digital learning environments.

Other UB Online Tools and Support

Visit UB Information Technology (UBIT) Faculty Technology Guide and Student Technology Guide to explore and learn how and help students use other digital tools.

Ask Virtual Vic, the virtual assistant, your IT questions for 24/7 support.