Caitlin Blue, BA Class of 2018

Caitlin Blue.

Caitlin Blue, BA Student

What drew you to a History major at UB?

Prior to coming to UB as a transfer student in 2015, I attended St. Bonaventure University where I was an International Studies major. I had always had an affinity with anything related to history but I wasn’t so sure about majoring in it. After taking some required classes for International Studies when I switched to UB I had realized this wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do and nor did I see myself continuing to be interested in this work. After some thinking, I finally switched my major to history and I have never been happier. It feels good to find something that you are passionate in and know deep down that you made the right choice.

What has been your favorite class or experience so far?

In the spring of 2017 I took a seminar class with Dr. Schen that focused on figuring out if women, Jews, and Africans experienced the same ‘golden age’ during the Renaissance in Italy like the men did. I appreciated the smallness of the class and how I could take up space to share my thoughts on the plethora of articles we read. Dr. Schen’s class helped to solidify my area of interest in history.

What do you hope to do after graduation, and how do you see your History major preparing you for that goal?

After graduation I would like to go back to get my Master’s degree in Museum Studies. I feel that my major has definitely prepared me for my goals. This major has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone as well as analyze things from different angles. I can definitely say that my writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills have improved even more thanks to the wonderful faculty members in this department. I appreciate their patience and because of it, I feel more than prepared for my future.