Logan Woodward, BA Class of 2017

Logan Woodward.

Logan Woodward, '17

After graduating I continued my work as the Coordinator of Jewish Student Life for Hillel of Buffalo in a full time role. Through Hillel International, I was accepted to the Ezra Fellowship. As an Ezra Fellow, I will work to infuse Jewish concepts and ideas into conversations and programs on campus. Additionally I am the Engagement Manager for Nickel City Jews, a young professionals group in Buffalo.  

One of the most valuable skills I obtained from studying history is analytical thinking. Analytical thinking is important to me in a professional capacity because it allows me to identify and solve problems quickly.  

Studying history is meaningful to me because I love learning where we come from. And through that one can gain an understanding and appreciation for the historical journey that led us to where we are today. Being able to recognize that journey and learn from the evolution of concepts and ideas is another tremendously useful life skill. 

The History Department has wonderful professors who truly are leaders in their fields. My professors would challenge me to think about things in different ways and through that I learned that there is often more than meets the eye. It was always obvious to me that my professors loved their work and I was inspired by their passion. 

Additionally, history has taught me that the best way to ensure a fruitful future is to engage with and learn from the past. I look forward to continuing my love of History through my involvement with UB’s Phi Alpha Theta chapter!