Vicky Jocelin, BA Class of 2009

Vicky Jocelin.

Vicky Jocelin, '09


I graduated from the University at Buffalo in May of 2009 with a B.A in History and Teacher Education Minor. My degree created an opening at a non-profit agency where I assisted over-aged and under credited at-risk students earn their high school diploma. After serving that population for 4 years I was promoted to Assistant Director of a Middle School After- School Program. As my career began to flourish I decided to return back to the classroom and earn a Master’s degree in social work. Since graduating with my M.S.W in May 2016 I have landed a career working for the City of New York, as a School Mental Health Consultant. I am a liaison for community-based organizations and Dept. of Education schools, bridging services to meet mental health needs. This story was made possible with B.A in History from The University At Buffalo.