2022-2023 Early Recognition Award Winners

The Department of History has honored seven undergraduate students with Early Recognition Awards. This category of awards recognizes students for an outstanding performance in a HIS 301 Seminar or a 400-level History seminar during the previous fall semester. For the award description see the Schorlarships and Awards page. The Early Recognition Award recognizes their commitment to historical writing and research, as demonstrated in a seminar paper.

The papers of the award winners attest to the vitality of history as a field of study as well as the department’s diverse course offerings.  They demonstrate the creativity and multi-facetted competence of our advanced undergraduate students.

Among the recipients of the Early Recognition Awards are:

Max Cavino.

Max Cavino

Paper Title: "Tears and Tolls: A History of Colonial Transformation in Native America"

Course: HIS 301 Historical Writing 

Montana Desabio.

Montana Desabio

Paper Title: "Deaf People under the Nazi Regime"

Course: HIS 472 History of Science and Technology

Jacob Klink.

Jacob Klink

Paper Title: "Paul and Twentieth-Century Chinese Politics:

Course: HIS 485 20th Century China Politics

Bernie Novakovic.

Bernie Novakovic

Paper Title: "Southern Workers and Militant Organizing: How the History of the General Textile Strike of 1934 Demonstrates Southern Worker Militancy"

Course: HIS 301 Historical Writing

Xavier Morgan.

Xavier Morgan

Paper Title: "The Broken American Law Enforcement System"

Course: HIS 301 Historical Writing

Leah Perry.

Leah Perry

Presentation Title: "The Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane and The Buffalo Psychiatric Center"

Course: HIS 429 History of the American Landscape

Michael Rechichi.

Michael Rechichi

Presentation Title: "William Dampier"

Course: HIS 409 Voyages of Discovery