Equipment Access Policy

Anyone who uses DMS equipment must follow the established access policy. Failure to do so may result in fines or revocation of privileges.


Equipment is available for loan only to University at Buffalo SUNY students who are currently enrolled in a Department of Media Study production class or Independent Study to which a lab fee is assessed. In order to borrow equipment you must:

  • Be in good standing in the department and university;
  • Have paid all lab fees for current and past semesters;
  • Use equipment for course-related projects only. Media Study equipment may not be used for commercial or non-curricular projects.

When borrowing equipment from the Department of Media Study's Equipment Room (ER), borrowers (You) accept that:

  • The equipment is in good, functional condition at the time received. It is your responsibility to check the equipment at the time of checkout and to notify the ER of damage and/or missing items.
  • You may not reserve more than one item/kit of certain types of high-demand equipment (including, but not limited to, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, lighting kits) for the same checkout period without written approval from the student's current faculty and the Technical Director.
  • You will pick up and return equipment at the scheduled time.
  • You will treat equipment responsibly while it is checked out under your name. Use common sense -- do not leave equipment unattended, do not use it unprotected in bad weather, etc.
  • You will not loan DMS equipment to others.
  • You take full financial responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to the equipment or keys while checked out under your name. You will reimburse the department for the cost of any missing items or the cost of repair or replacement of equipment if damaged or lost. If such a fine is levied, your access privileges will be suspended until such reimbursement is paid.
  • You will return equipment neatly organized. Please be aware that when returning equipment, you must wait until ER staff checks through the gear and gives you an "all clear" acknowledgement before you leave.

Violations and Fines:

  • Habitual or repeated disregard for equipment and the equipment access policy will result in the loss of access privileges. Anyone who receives three infractions during one semester will have their access privileges revoked for a period of two weeks. Additional infractions beyond that point will be cause for access suspension for the balance of the semester with no return of the lab fee.
  • Any outstanding fines must be paid in order to have access privileges restored. Fines will be charged to your billing account.
  • Violations that may result n fines or revocation of access include, but are not limited to:
    • Equipment/Keys returned late;
    • Smoking, eating, or drinking in editing suites or labs;
    • Leaving borrowed equipment unattended;
    • Failure to cancel a reservation you do not claim;
    • Giving access to DMS spaces to suspended students, students not qualified for equipment loan, or non-students.


  • Grievance procedures are in accord with the Bulletin of Undergraduate Education and the Graduate School Policies and Procedures. Written grievances must be submitted to the Equipment Manager and the Chair of Media Study. If a resolution is not reached, the grievance may be taken to the DMS Faculty through the DMS Chair.

    If you have any questions regarding DMS equipment policy, please contact the Director of Equipment and Facilities.

Director of Equipment and Facilities:
Carl Lee
CFA 239
716 645-0928

Equipment Room: 
237 Center for Arts
716 645-6904