Undergraduate Admissions

Incoming Freshmen or Transfers

Incoming freshmen or undergraduate transfer applicants who are interested in pursuing a BA in Media Study, a BA in Film Studies, a Certificate in Game Studies or a Minor in Media Study must first apply and be accepted to the University at Buffalo. Students who have identified Media Study as their area of study will be listed as Media Study majors at the time of acceptance. 

All relevant information, including admissions criteria; the online application; dates and deadlines; and standardized test score requirements, can be found by visiting UB Undergraduate Admissions.

Current UB Students Applying to the Major

To declare a major in Film Studies or Media Study (Production or Critical Studies) or a Minor in Media Study, or to begin pursuing a Certificate in Game Study, please contact Bradley Hendricks at bhendric@buffalo.edu. When applying, please take a moment to decide which concentration within the major is correct for you, whether it is Production, Critical Studies or the Film Studies Major. The above links can help you decide which concentration is appropriate for your future goals.

Transfer Admission

Students entering the University may declare Media Study as their major upon entrance to the University or switch to the major at any point by following the steps above.   

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