BA in Media Study: Production

Students setting up a film shoot.

The Production Concentration within the Media Study major trains students to create media. Students will gain a grounding in the basic theory of film and media but the focus of their program will be on learning how to produce media. Students gain basic exposure to multiple types of media, including film, video, physical computing and digital arts through their basic production classes. Following this, students may focus on one or more particular areas in their intermediate and advanced coursework.  

Degree Requirements

The BA in Media Study requires a total of 69 credits: 51 within the program and 18 within the outside concentration. Students must have at least 24 credits at the 300 or 400 level among these 69 credits.   

Departmental Coursework: 
While the authoritative course requirements are available from the course catalog linked below, here is a quick outline of the categories courses for the major fall into.

Basic Production (3 courses): 100-level courses introducing various forms of media creation including Video and Digital Media.

Intermediate Production (2 courses): 300- to 400-level classes further training students in media forms of their choice, with options including video, post-production, social media, game design, and virtual reality.

Advanced Production (1 course): 400-level courses allowing students to become experts in their chosen production format.

Basic Theory (4 courses): 100- to 200-level courses that train students to understand the history and theory of the various media they will work with.

Advanced Theory (1 course): 300- to 400-level allows students to delve deeper into the analysis of one particular type of media. 

Electives (2 courses): Recommended to be 300-level or higher, students may take additional intermediate or advanced production courses or advanced analysis courses to fulfill this requirement.

Outside Concentration: Students majoring in Media Study are required to take a group of six related classes, two at the 200-level and four from the 300/400 level.  This concentration may be created by the student, in consultation with their departmental advisor.  Otherwise, many of the university's minors also allow students to meet this requirement.  The student may petition the department to use a minor that does not contain exactly two 200-level or exactly four 300/400 level classes but should consult with the departmental advisor before assuming that a minor will count. 

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