Minor in Media Study

work by Nitasha Dhillon.

The Media Study minor offers students training in creating and understanding media without the obligations of the major. Students will take a variety of Media courses including many upper level courses, and students have flexibility to choose their own coursework based on their interests. 

Minor Requirements

The minor in Media Study requires a total of 6 classes (24 credits). At least four of the six courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. Students must receive a grade of C- or higher in all courses applied to the minor.

Departmental Coursework

While official requirements for the minor may be found in the course catalog, linked below, here is a quick outline of the categories that courses fall into: 

Basic Production (1 course): Students pick a 100-level course from offerings in various forms of media creation including Video and Digital Media.

Interpretation (1 course): 100- to 200- level classes introducing students to broad themes in the history and analysis of film and other media.

Media and Culture (1 course): 300- to 400-level courses pursuing the connections between media and wider culture and society.

Advanced Analysis (1 course): 400-level courses which allow students to gain a deeper understanding of media criticism and theory.

Electives (2 courses): 300-level or higher; students may take intermediate or advanced production courses or higher level media theory courses to fulfill this requirement.

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