Computer Music Studios

The Computer Music Studios of the University at Buffalo Department of Music strive to offer students knowledge and tools allowing them to work independently on research and compositional projects, including algorithmic instrumental compositions, electroacoustic/tape pieces, works involving real-time interaction, and multi-media works which make use of specialized controllers, video, dancers and more.

Courses are taught in ProTools, Ableton Live, LOGIC, the Max/MSP/Jitter~ environment, Pd, C-sound, REAPER and a variety of other software is also available and widely supported. Fundamental concepts of psychoacoustics, acoustics, digital signal processing, computer science, digital audio theory, and electronic music history are covered.  The main production studio has a nine speaker (plus subwoofer) Genelec system that can quickly be reconfigured via software (5:1, octaphonic, quadraphonic, etc.).  

The Studios

Studio B: Faculty/PhD composition student final production studio Studio C: Primary Graduate Studio Music Tech lab B33

Slee 112: Primary Graduate Studio

This studio is equipped with a Max/MSP computer and a ProTools computer digitally connected to each other. The Protools system can be controlled with a Mackie Control surface. The studio has a 5.0 speaker setup, and software for real-time interactive computer music, electroacoustic works, algorithmic composition, and editing. It is the main studio for compositional projects and research.


Computer Music Studios
110 Slee Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
(716) 645-2765

Christopher Jacobs

Director of Music Technology

Department of Music

B2 Slee Hall

Phone: (716) 645-0660; Fax: (716) 645-3824