MusB (BM) in Performance

MusB in Performance students are passionate about perfecting their craft. Performance study at UB begins with an emphasis on strong musical and technical foundations for instrumentalists and singers, guided by faculty comprised of world-renowned soloists, ensemble musicians, and orchestral players committed to preparing students for careers in music. The department's low student-teacher ratio ensures that students receive a high degree of individual instruction and supervision. In addition to offering weekly studio lessons, the faculty direct performance initiatives at the university and throughout the local community, providing students with unique performance opportunities in Buffalo and greater Western New York.

To further augment performance study, the department offers more than 150 public performances each year. A wide range of performance opportunities is available to undergraduate students with such groups as University ChorusUniversity Choir, UB Concert BandUB Jazz EnsemblesUB Symphony OrchestraUB Contemporary Ensemble and numerous smaller ensembles and chamber groups

Application Requirements

Applicants for the MusB in Performance must first submit an application, two letters of recommendation and an audition request form. 

Course Requirements

The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing the Bachelor of Music Performance (MusB). In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his or her academic advisor.  

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Two cellists at symphony rehearsal.
  • MUS 105 Elementary Harmony and Counterpoint I
  • MUS 106 Elementary Harmony and Counterpoint II
  • MUS 211 Intermediate Harmony and Counterpoint I
  • MUS 212 Intermediate Harmony and Counterpoint II
  • MUS 213 Music History Survey I
  • MUS 214 Music History Survey II

Eight semesters of study of major instrument or voice study. Six semesters of study for transfer students bringing in previous applied music credits.  

  • Performance majors receive one hour lessons (4 credit hours per semester)
  • Minimum of four semesters of a large ensemble
  • Minimum of two semesters of a small ensemble
  • Piano major requirement: MUS 324 Piano Literature
  • Voice major requirement: MUS 221 Vocal Diction
  • In addition, a keyboard proficiency examination, as well as a pre-recital jury and a senior recital, are required.

Music Electives

One Music Theory elective chosen from:

  • MUS 305 Counterpoint 16th Century
  • MUS 407 SEM Composition Seminar
  • MUS 416 Counterpoint 18th Century
  • MUS 437 Analysis of Tonal Music
  • MUS 438 Analysis of 20th-Century Music

Three Music History Electives chosen from:

  • MUS 409 Music of the Middle Ages
  • MUS 410 Music of the Renaissance
  • MUS 411 Music of the Baroque Era
  • MUS 412 Music of the Classical Period
  • MUS 413 Music of the Romantic Period
  • MUS 414 Music of the 20th Century

One of the following may be substituted for one of the above Music History electives:

  • MUS 341 History of Jazz I
  • MUS 408 The Principal Genres of Music

Concert Attendance

All undergraduate performance majors are required to attend six concerts every semester.

Students giving degree recitals in Baird Recital Hall or Lippes Concert Hall who elect to have their recitals recorded by the Department of Music must submit a Recital Recording Request Form(109 KB). The form must be submitted to the Slee Recording Studio mailbox in the Department of Music General Office (220 Baird Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260) at least two weeks in advance of the recital date.

Copies of student, faculty, and ensemble recitals are available for purchase. The availability of these recordings is dependent on authorization from recital participants and/or ensemble directors for the release of their recordings. The Recording Copy Request Form must be submitted to the Slee Recording Studio mailbox in the Department of Music General Office (220 Baird Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260).

Accompanist form

Fill out this form and submit it to the music office no later than 4 weeks before the event.