MusB (BM) in Performance

UB Music student, Alex McArthur

Performance study at UB places strong musical and technical foundations at the center of each students' degree by offering weekly lessons with the Department's distinguished faculty for all four years of the program. Across the major, students have frequent opportunities to perform in a wide variety of contexts, from solo recitals to chamber music and large ensemble performance. The tight-knit nature of the program guarantees tailored individual attention from faculty, who are deeply invested in their students' success.

Complementing their private study, students in the MusB have access to 150 free music programs throughout the academic, giving them the opportunity to see, hear, meet, and play with acclaimed professional musicians. 

MusB students are simultaneously immersed in a comprehensive curriculum of fundamental courses music theory and history that contextualizes their goals as a performer.  Foundational courses typically occupy years one and two, followed by advanced courses in theory and history in years three and four. As a capstone, all MusB students give a solo recital.

Degree Requirements

The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing the Bachelor of Music Performance (MusB). In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his or her academic advisor. Students must earn a C or higher in all music courses.

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  • Mus 155, Basic Keyboard Skills
  • Mus 105, Music Theory, Analysis and Aural Skills I (Lecture + Lab)
  • Mus 106, Music Theory, Analysis and Aural Skills II (Lecture + Lab)
  • Mus 211, Music Theory, Analysis and Aural Skills III (Lecture + Lab)
  • Mus 212, Music Theory, Analysis and Aural Skills IV (Lecture + Lab)
  • Mus 213, Music History Survey I
  • Mus 214, Music History Survey II
  • Mus 220 Performance Seminar (Two Semesters)
  • 8 Semesters of 4-credit applied lessons (400-level)
  • Minimum of four semesters of a large ensemble (300- or 400 level)
  • Minimum of two semesters of a small ensemble (300- or 400 level)
  • A culminating senior recital, including pre-recital jury
  • Voice majors only: MUS 221, Vocal Diction (2 semesters)

Music Electives

One Music Theory elective chosen from:

  • MUS 305, Composing Counterpoint
  • MUS 437, Analysis and Performance

Three Music History Electives chosen from:

  • MUS 311, Women and Music
  • MUS 333, Orpheus: The Meaning of Music
  • MUS 408, Music, Comedy, and Modernism
  • MUS 440, Seminar in American Music

Concert Attendance

All undergraduate performance majors are required to attend six concerts every semester.


Request a packet from Phil Rehard at for your comprehensive recital planning requirements or download the packet below.

Curricular Plan

An up-to-date, four-year plan for the BA in music can be found in the course catalog. A downloadable, PDF reference is available here as well. 

Application Requirements

Applicants for the MusB in Performance should submit an application and audition. Auditions are typically held at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.

Questions About the MusB?

Get in touch with Professor Brian Moseley, Director of Undergraduate Studies

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