Graduate Alumni Profiles

Rahul Munshi, PhD ( 2018 )


Sujay Singh, PhD ( 2016 )

Thesis Title: Metal-insulator and charge ordering transitions in oxide nanostructures
Advisor: Sambandamurthy Ganapathy (Condensed Matter Exp.)
Current Position: 
Principal Reliability Engineer at ON Semiconductor


Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah, PhD ( 2013 )

Thesis Title: Scale-invariant Perturbations: Model-independent Analysis of Alternatives to Cosmic Inflation
Advisor: William H. Kinney (Cosmology)
Current Position: 
Maitre Assistant University at Geneva

Heng Huang, PhD

Graduating Year: 2013
Thesis Title: 
Magnetic Stimulation of Neurons and Study of Membrane Structures
Advisor: Arnd Pralle (Biological Physics)
Current Position: Senior Staff Engineer at Illumina, San Diego, CA

Hemachander Subramanian, PhD

Graduation Year: 2012
Thesis Title: Interaction of Magnetism with Atomic Lattice Geometry and Nanoscale Geometric Frustration
Jong Han (Condensed Matter Theory)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology Durgapur LinkedIn 

Hermachander Subramanian.

Andreas Stier, PhD

Graduating Year: 2011
Thesis Title: 
Far Infrared Magneto-optical Studies of Spin Effects and Off Diagonal Conductivity in the  Integer Quantum Hall Regime
Advisor: Bruce D. McCombe (Condensed Matter Experiment)
Current Position: 
Assistant Professor Technical University Munich

Pratibha Dev, PhD

Graduating Year: 2009
Thesis Title: 

Advisor: Peihong Zhang
Current Position: 
Associate Professor Howard University

Pratibha Dev.