High Energy Physics and Cosmology

Professors and students of High Energy Physics and Cosmology.

What is High Energy Physics and Cosmology?

The UB High Energy Physics and Cosmology (HEPCOS) group combines experimental faculty working on collider physics with theoretical faculty investigating frontier issues in particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. Experimentalists conduct research at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and at the Tevatron at Fermilab near Chicago. The HEPCOS group investigates fundamental questions at the frontier of cosmology and high energy physics, connecting high-precision cosmological and accelerator data to questions such as the origin and evolution of the universe, origin of mass, the nature of physics beyond the standard model, the unification of gravitation with quantum mechanics, and the role of the vacuum in the structure of space and time. These are among the foremost unsolved issues facing physics in the twenty-first century. The group's research is notable in its close focus on direct connection with collider experiments and current/upcoming astronomical data, and promises to significantly advance the state of the art in our understanding of fundamental physics. Graduate and undergraduate student researchers are an integral component of research in HEPCOS at UB.

High Energy Physics and Cosmology News

Who We Are

Ia Iashvili – Searches for new physics, test of Standard Model, hadronic jets, silicon pixel tracking detectors
Avto Kharchilava – Searches for Higgs particle(s)
Salvatore Rappoccio – Searches for new physics, Jetsubstructure, Silicon pixel tracking detectors
William H. Kinney – Inflationary cosmology, cosmic microwave background physics, accelerating universe, dark matter
Dejan Stojkovic – Cosmology, General Relativity, Particle Physics
Doreen Wackeroth – Phenomenology of the Standard Model of particle physics and Beyond
Ciaran Williams – Theoretical particle physics

Current High Energy Physics and Cosmology Graduate Students, Postdocs and Research Staff

Postdocs –  Duong Nguyen (CMS), Juska Pekkanen (CMS), Haifa Sfar (CMS)

Graduate Students –  Mohamed Fawzy Abbas Aly, Daniel Crowe, Dylan Delgado, Omar Elsherif, Gabriele Fiore, Daniele Gaggero, Lauren Hay, Hsin-Wei Hsia, Youngjin Kim, Margaret Morris, Sushruth Muralidharan, Nina Stein, A.C. Williams, Jiayang Xiao, Peter Young

High Energy Physics and Cosmology Courses

  • PHY 412/521: Introduction to Particle Physics
  • PHY 511: Quantum Field Theory I
  • PHY 512: Quantum Field Theory II
  • PHY 555: General Relativity
  • PHY 582: Cosmology

Recent High Energy Physics and Cosmology Alumni