Biological Physics

What is Biophysics?

Biophysics applies approaches and methods of physics to study and model biological systems quantitatively. Exciting discoveries often come out of the sciences that at the interfaces between multiple fields. Physics and biology are two such fields. It takes an adventurous scientist to train in these two fields at the same time. The impact, when they are brought together, leads new and amazing understanding of the living world.

The Biophysics groups at UB develop new computational and experimental tools to investigate structure-function relationships in proteins, study the nanoscale details of the surface of cells effecting their function in health and disease, and use nanotechnology to manipulate signaling deep in the brain. Students learn to work with advanced optical and laser methods, build electronics, develop software and compute models.

The labs at UB utilize cutting edge technologies, such as super-resolution fluorescence-lifetime microscopy, optical trapping, magnetic nanoparticle heating and nanoscale temperature measurements, as well as THz-spectroscopy and single molecule spectroscopy. UB projects address questions of how enzymes function, protein switches operate, neuronal networks control behavior, anesthetics function, or fever is beneficial.

Biophysics News

Who We Are

Priya Banerjee – Molecular Biophysics, Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Andrea Markelz – Molecular Biophysics, THz-Spectroscopy
Arnd Pralle – New Optical Tools for Cellular Biophysics, Magnetothermal Stimulation for Neuroscience
Wenjun Zheng – Computational Biophysics

The goal of this chapter is to promote biophysics research and education and to help create a sense of community amongst students interested in biophysics at UB and in the Buffalo region. The chapter engages in outreach activities, organizes educational events and supports biophysics students' activities. 

Current Biophysics Graduate Students, Postdocs and Research Staff

Ibraheem Alshareedah, Taranpreet Kaur, and Dr. Wei Wang  (Banerjee group)
Yanting Deng, Catherine Luck, Dr. Deepu George, and Dr. Jeffrey Mckinney  (Markelz group)
Muye He, Yue Xing, Michael Zucker, Dr. Junting Liu, and Sara Parker (M.Sc.) (Pralle group)
Han Wen (Zheng group)

Biophysics Courses

PHY433/533 - Introduction to Cellular Biophysics   this course discusses concepts, theoretical modeling, and experimental methods used in modern biophyiscs focusing on how cells and tissues acquire shape and communicate; book: "The Physical Biology of the Cell". This course will be offered next in Fall 2020. (email for further info)

PHY483/583 - Introduction to Molecular Biophysics   this course discusses concepts, theoretical modeling, and experimental methods used in modern molecular biophyiscs. This course is be offered in alternating Spring semesters. (email for further info)

PHY425 - Optics   this course discusses concepts, theoretical modeling, and experimental methods used in modern optics. This course is be offered in alternating Fall semesters. (email for further info)

Recent Biophysics Alumni

Where are the Biophysics alumni of the past ten years now ? 

Meet some recent alumni: Heng Huang (PhD) ,  Junghon Choi (BS)

CAMBI Fellowship

The CAMBI Fellowship promotes the pursuit of interdisciplinary biological physics graduate research, and retention of the best and brightest graduate students in physics. This fellowship is awarded based on a student’s demonstration of excellence in their first year of graduate study, and supplies $8,000 in addition to the recipient's annual stipend. Application in Spring semester.