B.A. Weinstein

B.A. Weinstein.

Professor, Emeritus
Ph.D. Brown University (1974)

209 Fronczak Hall
(716) 645-6730
Lab: 217A Fronczak Hall,  (716) 645-2904


Ph.D. -- Brown University (1974)
B.S. -- University of Rochester (1968)

Research Interests

  • Effects of pressure/strain on phonon and electron states in semiconductor and oxide systems
  • Vibron modes and anharmonic interactions in nanocrystals under pressure
  • Photo-induced crystallization in amorphous Se and chalcogenide glasses
  • Deep defects and localization in crystalline and disordered semiconductors

Experimental research is carried out on the high-pressure and optical properties of intrinsic and defect states in semiconductors and their nanostructures. This includes studies of: vibrational properties -- especially phonon-phonon and electron-phonon interactions; localized electronic states in defective crystals and disordered systems; photostructural changes and metastable bonding; and high-pressure phase transitions. Students conduct Raman scattering, luminescence, and other visible/IR spectroscopies to probe these phenomena in bulk semiconductors and wide-gap oxides, III-V and II-VI heterostructures in layer or nanoparticle form, III-V-N alloys and chalcogen glasses. Diamond-anvil pressure cells applying ~0.1-0.5Mbar at room - and cryogenic-temperatures are used in many studies.

Selected Publications