Eckhard Krotscheck, PhD

professor flerf.

SUNY Distinguished Professor

329 Fronczak Hall
(716) 645-6201


  • Diploma in Physics, University of Koeln – 1971
  • PhD, University of Koeln – 1974

Research Area

Research Interests

Microscopic Many-Body theory of strongly interacting quantum systems such as helium liquids, liquid mixtures, electrons, and selected nuclear problems. Special focus of the past years was the study of surface effects and other properties of quantum liquids in confined geometries such as adsorbed films, clusters, and other quasi-two- dimensional structures Analysis of neutron and atom scattering experiments quantum from quantum liquids, surface phonon and plasmon dispersion. Fermi-Liquid theory, dynamics, and thermodynamics of quantum liquids and quantum liquid mixtures. Numerical methods for density functional theory, especially real-space algorithms and their application to metal clusters.

Selected Publications

  • S. Janecek, E. Krotscheck, M. Liebrecht and R. Wahl: "Structure of Mg_n and Mg^+_n clusters up to n=30"; European Physical Journal D, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics 63, 377 (2011)
  • H. M. Boehm, R. Holler, E. Krotscheck and M. Panholzer, "Dynamic Many-Body Theory. II. Dynamics of Strongly Correlated Fermi Fluids", Phys. Rev. B82, 224505 (2011)
  • C. E. Campbell and E. Krotscheck: "Dynamic Many Body Theory I: Pair fluctuations in bulk 4He" Phys. Rev. B80, 174501 (2009)
  • Adelchi Fabrocini, Stefano Fantoni, and Eckhard Krotscheck (Editors) "Introduction to Modern Methods of Quantum many Body Theory and their Applications", Series on Advances in Quantum Many-Body Theory Vol.7, World Scientific, Singapore (2002)
  • E. Krotscheck and J. Navarro (Editors) "Microscopic Approaches to Quantum Liquids In Confined Geometries" , Series on Advances in Many-Body Theory Vol.4, World Scientific, Singapore (2002)