Hao Zeng, PhD

Hao Zeng.

Moti Lal Rustgi Professor

225 Fronczak Hall
(716) 645-2946
Lab: 210 Fronczak Hall, (716) 645-2704


  • BS, Physics, Nanjing University, China – 1993
  • PhD, Physics, University of Nebraska – 2001
  • Postdoctoral Research at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center – 2001-2004

Research Area


Nanoscale magnetism, Spintronics, unconventional chalcogenide semiconductors  

Research Interests

As dimensions of materials cross over fundamental length scales, new physics emerge. We are interested in understanding fundamental spin and magnetic phenomena in materials at reduced dimensions, such as 2D thin films, 1D nanowires and 0D nanocrystals. We grow these materials using both chemical solution phase synthesis, and physical and chemical vapor deposition techniques. Doping, alloying and heterostructures are exploited to modify the properties of the host materials. We use magnetic, charge transport and magneto-optical probes to study the physical properties of these materials.  Presently, the topics of our research include: studying magnetism in atomically thin layers; developing novel 2D magnets and their heterostructures; developing novel magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications such as imaging and magnetic hyperthermia.

We are also interested in the design and development of novel materials for energy applications. Our experimental work is guided by first principles theory and materials informatics. Presently our project is focused on developing chalcogenide perovskites, an emerging class of unconventional ionic semiconductors.

Awards and Honors

  • UB Exceptional Scholar – Young Investigator Award, 2009
  • National Science Foundation's CAREER Award, 2006
  • IBM Research Division Award, 2003

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications, please see Google Scholar
  • M. Bian et al, “Dative Epitaxy of Commensurate Monocrystalline Covalent van der Waals Moiré Supercrystal”, Advanced Materials 34, 2200117 (2022).
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