Jan-Christopher Winter, PhD


Clinical Assistant Professor

355 Fronczak Hall
(716) 645-6108


  • Diploma, Physics, TU Dresden - 2003
  • PhD, Physics, TU Dresden - 2007

Biographical Statement

Professor Winter did his undergraduate and graduate studies in Physics at the TU Dresden in Germany. He obtained his PhD in Physics from the TU Dresden in 2007. His PhD research in theoretical particle physics focused on QCD jet evolution at high and low scales. As postdoc at Fermilab, CERN, MPI Munich, and the Michigan State University he continued to work on systematically improving calculations for jet physics. He is a founding author of the Sherpa event generator, which is one of the key analysis tools used by the experimental collaborations at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.  Professor Winter joined the Department of Physics as teaching faculty in 2019.