Jong Han, PhD

professor flerf.


349B Fronczak Hall
(716) 645-3865


  • BS, Physics, Seoul National University – 1989
  • MS, Physics, Seoul National University – 1991
  • PhD, Physics, Ohio State University – 1997

Research Area


Condensed matter theory, nonequilibrium quantum many-body theory, electron correlation in solids

Research Interests

Electronic interaction in condensed matter systems is the main focus of my research. Fundamental changes in materials properties such as phase transition controlled by external conditions is the main theme. With today’s advancement in nanotechnology, the external electric bias applied on nanoscale devices opens up new realm of physics questions which had been non-questions a few decades ago. The examples are transformation of collective states such as resistive phase transitions through electron-electron interaction, or disorder-driven localization when driven by external electric field. Most work involves close collaboration with experimentalists. My group uses theoretical techniques such as analytic and numerical diagrammatic methods with Green’sfunctions, and fully numerical methods such as quantum Monte Carlo method, exact-diagonalization.

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications, please see Google Scholar.