Equity and Inclusion Funding

There are a number of opportunites for supporting students and funding projects aimed at enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Psychology Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Grant Program

The purpose of this grant program is to enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) of the field of psychology by supporting the development of students in psychology who are from underrepresented backgrounds and by promoting research projects that seek to address DEI concerns. 

Who is Eligible?

Any Psychology undergraduate (majors only), masters, or PhD student who contributes to the goal of enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of psychology is eligible. This includes students from marginalized or underrepresented backgrounds, students who have overcome disadvantages or hardships (e.g., economic insecurity, first generation, gender identity minority), or students whose proposed research directly addresses DEI topics. 

What Activities Can Be Funded?

Niko Vehabovic at the Celebration of Academic Excellence.

Undergraduate Psychology major Niko Vehabovic at the UB Celebration of Academic Excellence

Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to support any activity that enhances the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the field of psychology. This will typically take one of two (non-exclusive) forms:

  • Professional Development: Any activity that contributes to the professional development of the applicant, provided the applicant is from a disadvantaged background (such as underrepresentation in the field of psychology, first generation status, or overcoming hardship). The activity can include research projects, training opportunities, conference presentations, and so forth. 
  • DEI Scholarship: Any activity that contributes to the scholarship on diversity, equity, and inclusion, primarily through a proposed research study. Proposed research in this category should be mindful about including the perspectives and input of communities of interest. 

Given the budget and scope of this award, cost of living expenses cannot be funded at this time.

Although the available budget may vary, our goal is to support at least two undergraduate and three graduate students per year. 

Recent Awardees

Application Deadline

Psychology DEI grant applications are accepted on a yearly basis, early in the calendar year. The next deadline is January 10, 2023.  


  • In the UB Scholarship Portal, you can access hundreds of scholarships across campus. The portal allows you to search for scholarships via keywords. After you complete a general application, the portal will streamline the list of scholarships to those that are recommended for you.
  • Specifically, there are scholarships available for students with disabilities, as well as students who are currently, or were previously, in foster care.