Harini Krishnamurti.

Harini Krishnamurti

BA Psychology and Minor in Nutrition, UB;
PhD Student, Applied Social Psychology

“During my time in UB’s Psychology program, I truly felt like a valued member of a diverse community of intellectuals. As a shy transfer student from a different country, I am grateful for the support and guidance from the faculty at the Department of Psychology at UB. Because the faculty are very approachable and sincere, I was able to gain necessary clarity on how I wanted to shape my Psychology major while at UB. Combined with critical classes in psychological theory and undergraduate research experiences, I developed an appreciation for the science and a keen interest in psychological research. UB’s Psychology program provided me with a strong foundation in the skills needed for any career post-graduation. An advantage of majoring in Psychology is the versatile nature of the major itself—you can combine Psychology with other supplementary majors (e.g., public health, pre-med, data science) to become more marketable post-graduation in exciting interdisciplinary fields of work. There are also plenty of opportunities to be involved in outside of classes (e.g., Psi Chi International Honor Society) that would help you network with like-minded faculty members and students. If you are considering majoring in Psychology, feel free to reach out to a faculty member whose class you are taking or whose profile you come across on the Psychology website. As daunting as that may seem at first, doing so really helped me realize all that I could accomplish with a BA in Psychology.”

– Harini Krishnamurti