Nikoleta Antoniou Karademitrou.

Nikoleta Antoniou Karademitrou

BA in Psychology and Minor in Counseling, UB;
PhD Student, Counseling Psychology

As an undergraduate Psychology student in UB, I was able to develop long-lasting relationships with my professors, who have acted as mentors, providing me with resources and guidance. UB faculty made me feel safe and welcome in every academic setting, while also encouraging me to reach my full potential as a student and a future psychologist. UB provided me with the education and resources to pursue the next steps in my future, as well as a space to voice my opinions, expand my passion for the field, and leave my mark. As an international student, I especially appreciated UB’s promotion of diversity and inclusion in the classroom. I was able to receive my education while being surrounding by people with different cultural identities, which is especially beneficial for the field of psychology. 

Earning a psychology degree at UB provided me with a competitive skill set, which led into earning a spot as a PhD student in Counseling Psychology right after my BA. Specifically, being part of the UB Psychology Honors Program taught me important skills about research work, applied work, graduate school, and how to promote myself as a psychologist. As a UB graduate, I feel confident in my skills as a researcher and a student, and I know that I have the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in my field. UB created a solid foundation of psychological knowledge and taught me how to think critically, contribute to difficult conversations, and how to advocate for myself.

For future students that are considering to major in Psychology at UB, I would advise them to talk to Psychology faculty and current students to get an understanding of all the opportunities that this degree can offer. Utilize the student clubs established at UB, like Psi Chi and UPA, to get more information about the field of psychology and UB’s academic programs. There are various career paths that can be followed with a psychology degree, which UB can help students find and pursue.