Mauricio Suarez.

Mauricio Suarez

PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, UB;
Research Assistant Professor, Higher Education

Being a research scientist is both rewarding and challenging. Every day I get to do something fun and find creative solutions to problems on the journey to discovery. But there’s so much more than that! I mentor undergraduates and graduate students who are just starting on their own scientific journey, and communicate my findings to peers around the world. None of this would be possible without the experiences I had as a graduate student in Psychology at UB. From theory to the lab bench, the training I received was comprehensive and invaluable, helping me grow into a confident, professional academic. At the same time, the opportunity to teach in lecture halls as well as attend national and international conferences helped nurture my professional development and helped me become a more eclectic individual. To students considering the Psychology graduate program: I am excited for the next generation to be taught by caring and respected faculty, learn in first-class facilities, and form life-long friendships just as I have.