Social-Personality Psychology Program

Social Psychologist Mark Seery and graduate students.

Area Head Mark Seery, PhD, and graduate students

The Social-Personality Doctoral Program at UB offers an exceptional, research-intensive training environment for students interested in understanding the dynamic interplay between the self and the interpersonal world. Program faculty are nationally and internationally known for innovative research on automatic processes, self-esteem, self-construal, close relationships and stress and coping. 

Area Head: Mark Seery, PhD

The Learning Environment

Well-equipped laboratories, a large participant base, a collegial and supportive atmosphere, and the opportunity to train with more than one faculty member afford our graduate students outstanding research opportunities.

In our doctoral program, students will: (1) master social psychological theory and research methodology to become skilled in the development and dissemination of research; (2) achieve a basic grounding in this field and develop an ability to think critically about the body of knowledge in their specialty; and (3) learn to reason theoretically and develop research projects that help them understand social phenomena in the everyday world.

Our graduates have an excellent record of job placement in academic and industry positions. Our goal is to help students tailor their education to fit their own interests and professional goals through the selection of appropriate elective courses, research projects and applied experiences.

The Admissions Process

As our program is mentorship-based, students are admitted to work with an individual faculty member. Faculty members accepting students vary from year to year. Before applying, prospective students should view the list of faculty members accepting students and/or contact potential mentors. 

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