James Mantell

James Mantell.

PhD in Cognitive Psychology, UB

Assistant Professor, Higher Education

"My mentors taught me how to conduct impactful, illuminating and calculated research. They struck the right balance between challenge and encouragement that I needed to succeed. I currently serve as Assistant Professor of Psychology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, a small public liberal arts college.  There are at least three things I learned at UB that made me competitive for my current job. First, my exceptional research training translated into practical skills that I immediately put to further work here. I’m proud of my current research lab and my team of dedicated undergraduate researchers. Second, I had numerous fruitful teaching opportunities. After serving as a teaching assistant in various classes for several semesters, I was offered the opportunity to teach several psychology courses as a graduate instructor. These experiences enabled me to prepare, develop, and refine my own coursework for diverse classes ranging in size from 30 to 250 students. Finally, my psychology training at UB substantially improved my oral and written communication skills that I now know are essential for landing and maintaining an academic job." – James Mantell