Rochelle Newman

Rochelle Newman.

PhD in Cognitive Psychology, UB

Professor and Chair, Higher Education

“I learned so much while at Buffalo. The program focused not only on training students in research, but in the many other skills we would need to be successful academics or researchers. Students and faculty co-reviewed manuscripts together – and when I was first asked to review a manuscript on my own, this prior experience gave me the self-confidence to keep from being overwhelmed. The faculty emphasized scientific rigor and attention to detail, but also made special efforts to accommodate students' family responsibilities outside of school and to balance academic work with opportunities for social gatherings. They taught us not only how to do research, but also how to mentor younger students, and how to balance research responsibilities with administrative ones (a skill that is definitely in demand as a department chair!). In short, the department prepared us to be full contributing members of the scientific community, rather than just researchers of our own niche.” – Rochelle Newman