Fernanda Negrete


Fernanda Negrete.

Fernanda Negrete


Fernanda Negrete


Scholarly Interests

Literature and the Other Arts; Psychoanalysis, Modern Literatures (in French, Portuguese, Spanish, English) and Philosophy; Sexuality Studies and Critical Theory; Women Writers and Film Directors; Art, Art Theory, and Aesthetics; the Ethics of Psychoanalysis and Schizoanalysis; Environmental Art.


  • PhD, French Literature, Dept. of Romance Studies, Cornell University, 2012
  • MA, French Literature, Dept. of Romance Studies, Cornell University, 2008
  • BA/Licenciatura en Filosofía, Universidad Iberoamericana, México, 2005

Research Areas

  • Modern and Contemporary Literature and Other Experimental Multimedia Arts
  • Women Writers of French Expression
  • Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Philosophy
  • Aesthetics and Art Theory
  • Sound Studies
  • Environmental Art
  • Global Avant-gardes (with a special interest in Brazil and the Antilles)

Current Research

  • Dreams of the New: Moving Propositions from Nouvelle Vague and Contemporary Cinema to Environmental Artworks (book in progress)
  • Intermedial Music: Uncanny Encounters at the Threshold of Sound (book in progress)
  • Clarice Lispector’s Ethics of Risk
  • Passerby Solidarities: The End of Analysis, Baudelaire, and Andy Goldsworthy
  • Haiti, Psychoanalysis, and Caribbean Art
  • Goya, Freud, and Deleuze

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

  • FR 212: Languages, Texts, and Contexts II
  • FR 341: Topics in French Film 
  • FR 343: Advanced Communication in French

Graduate Seminars

  • FR526/COL542 Decolonial Acts in Haitian Vodou, Psychoanalysis, and Art
  • FR525 Eros and its Discontents
  • FR525/FR481 Dreams of the New in Postwar France
  • FR525/FR481 Art, Autofiction, and Ecologies
  • FR525/ COL542 Symptom, Sensation, Sense, & Sex (Proust, Beckett, & Duras)
  • FR525/ COL525 Art-writing and The Functions of the Aesthetic

Recent Grants and Awards

  • Julian Park First Book University Fund, Fall 2019.
  • UB Honors College Faculty Fellow, 2018-2020.
  • UB Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship, Spring 2017
  • UB Faculty Internationalization Fund in support of collaborative research and student exchange planning with MARGE research group and Université de Lyon, April 3, 2016