Matthew A. Xu-Friedman


Matthew A. Xu-Friedman.

Matthew A. Xu-Friedman


Matthew A. Xu-Friedman


Research Interests

Neuronal computation in the auditory system

Contact Information

H551 Hochstetter Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-4992

Fax: (716) 645-2975


  • BS, Yale University
  • PhD, Cornell University
  • Postdoctoral Research, Harvard Medical School

Office Hours

  • Wednesday: 11:00am - 1:00pm

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Research Summary

The Xu-Friedman lab studies the mechanisms and functions of synaptic plasticity, focussing on auditory nerve synapses in the mouse cochlear nucleus as a model system. The lab investigates both activity- and neuromodulator-dependent plasticities, using electrophysiology and calcium imaging in brain slices. In addition, the functional effects of plasticity are being studied by recording from auditory nerve and cochlear nucleus in vivo.

Selected Publications

  • Zhuang XW, Sun W, and Xu-Friedman MA (2017) Changes in properties of auditory nerve synapses following conductive hearing loss. J Neurosci 37: 323-332.
  • Yang Y, Ramamurthy B, Neef A, Xu-Friedman MA (2016) Low somatic sodium conductance enhances action potential precision in time-coding auditory neurons. J Neurosci 36: 11999–12009.
  • Toal KL, Radziwon KE, Holfoth DP, Xu-Friedman MA, and Dent ML (2016) Audiograms, gap detection thresholds, and frequency difference limens in cannabinoid receptor 1 knockout mice. Hear Res 332: 217-222.
  • Yang Y and Xu-Friedman MA (2015) Different pools of glutamate receptors mediate sensitivity to ambient glutamate in the cochlear nucleus. J Neurophysiol 113: 3634-45.
  •  Yang Y, Adowski T, Ramamurthy B, Neef A, and Xu-Friedman MA (2015) High-speed dynamic-clamp interface. J Neurophysiol 113: 2713-20.
  •  Yang H and Xu-Friedman MA (2015) Skipped-stimulus approach reveals that short-term plasticity dominates synaptic strength during ongoing activity. J Neurosci 35: 8297-307.
  •  Ngodup T, Goetz JA, McGuire BC, Sun W, Lauer AM, and Xu-Friedman MA (2015) Activity-dependent, homeostatic regulation of neurotransmitter release from auditory nerve fibers. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A112: 6479-84.