Andrea Keeler


Andrea M. Keeler.

Andrea Keeler


Andrea Keeler


Research Interests

Ecology, Botany, Limnology, Mycology, Climate Change, Soil Sciences, Mutualisms


  • BS in Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior (EEB), minor in Plant Biology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (2015)
  • PhD in Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology (EEOB) from the University of California, Riverside (2022), Advisor: Dr. Nicole E. Rafferty, Dissertation: Tritrophic Mutualisms in a Changing Climate 

Office Hours

  • By appointment

Courses Taught

  • BIOL199 (Fall 2023)

Research Summary

Andrea Keeler utilizes innovative, inclusive classroom strategies to effectively teach biology and ecology with the ultimate goal of retaining historically minoritized students in STEM. 

Selected Publications

  • Keeler, A. M., & Rafferty, N. E. (2022). Legume germination is delayed in dry soils and in sterile soils devoid of microbial mutualists: Species‐specific implications for upward range expansions. Ecology and evolution12(8), e9186.

  • Keeler, A. M., Rose-Person, A., & Rafferty, N. E. (2021). From the ground up: Building predictions for how climate change will affect belowground mutualisms, floral traits, and bee behavior. Climate Change Ecology1, 100013.