Cullen, Hutson and Strobel honored with university awards

Awards 2023.

Published June 28, 2023

Three faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences were recently honored with university awards: the Exceptional Scholars Award for Sustained Achievement to Dr. Paul Cullen; the Teaching Innovation Award to Dr. Lara Hutson; and the Exceptional Scholars — Young Investigator Award to Dr. Eric Strobel. The Department is proud to recognize these faculty among its ranks, as they contribute to our core missions of excellence in research and teaching.

Dr. Paul Cullen, UB Exceptional Scholar — Sustained Achievement Award

Dr. Cullen has been a valued researcher at UB since 2004, with over 75 publications, major editorial roles, and continuous federal funding.  His scientific colleagues cited his "excellent stature within the scientific community” and his “impressive productivity.” This award adds to his previous recognition from UB, the Milton Plesur Excellence in Teaching Award and Distinguished Postdoctoral Mentorship Award.

Dr. Lara Hutson, UB Teaching Innovation Award

Dr. Hutson joined the Clinical faculty in 2010, and has provided invaluable teaching through Cell Biology and its labs, as well as her leadership of the Undergraduate Affairs Committee in the department.  She made extensive and repeated revisions to the Cell Biology labs before, during, and after the pandemic, increasing and broadening the lab offerings to the student community.  She also pioneered flipped classroom techniques, which led to improved mastery of lecture material.

Dr. Eric Strobel, UB Exceptional Scholar — Young Investigator Award

Dr. Strobel joined the department in the Fall of 2020. He published six papers in his first two years, which is even more exceptional in the face of limited laboratory operations during the pandemic.  He also received a prestigious MIRA award from the National Institutes of Health.  His research has been noted as "remarkable, innovative, and highly impactful”.

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