Awarded Gold Chapter Honors again!

Our chapter of NSSLHA was awarded Gold Chapter Honors again this year (5th year in a row). We are one of 101 chapters recognized for this achievement across the US and Puerto Rico.

Efforts made by the NSSLHA Chapter at UB helped National NSSLHA:  

  • - Increase awareness of communication sciences and disorders (CSD) on 152  local college campuses and in communities across the country as well as through virtual platforms; 
  • - Increase advocacy efforts by sending more than 6,900 letters to state and federal legislators;
  • - Provide scholarships to students in CSD programs by contributing more than $28,000 to the ASHFoundation’s NSSLHA Scholarship;  

- Support CSD-related organizations by donating over $65,000 and 30,500 hours of chapter members’ time.    

Congratulations to our undergraduate students in NSSLHA!