UB Artifacts Collection

The Department of Classics owns a collection of approx. 300 antiquities from Greek, Roman, Celtic and Near Eastern cultures. These include oil lamps, ceramic vessels and shards, coins, jewelry and more. The artifacts are being identified and cataloged according to the standards of the American Alliance of Museums, and re-housed in archivally-sound containers. These activities are undertaken both by volunteers and by students in occasional graduate and undergraduate courses on ancient artifacts.

Current Students

Graduate Students: Max Huemer, Nathaniel Durant, Drexel Axeloons

Honors Undergraduate Interns: Hannah Sigurdson, Brittany Snyder, Tory Le Baron, Chris de las Alas, Sean Brais, Michael Kaminska

Thomas B. Lockwood Rare Coin Collection

The Thomas B. Lockwood Rare Coin Collection consists of 40 silver Greek coins, three gold Greek coins and a dozen gold Roman coins — one from each era of the first 12 Roman emperors, from Julius Caesar to Domitian. They range in date from the fifth century B.C. to the late first century A.D.

Additional Resources