Goetz Library

The Goetz Library, located in 320 Academic Center, houses a study/research collection of approx. 8,000 non-circulating volumes, along with study spaces for faculty and students, two computer work stations, and a shelf for reserved readings for department courses. The library regularly serves as a venue for departmental events, such as guest lectures and thesis colloquia. All department faculty, graduate students, undergraduate majors and other individuals may use the library, providing they apply to the department chair for permission.

The collection includes most of the standard reference works in Classics, an extensive collection of Greek and Latin texts and commentaries, less extensive holdings in Classical literature, ancient history, and Classical archaeology, and an eclectic assortment of Classical journals. Work station computers are connected to the UB computer network, permitting users to search the full complement of bibliographical and research resources available to the UB community. (WiFI is also available.) In 2005, the UB School of Informatics produced an electronic catalogue of the collection using the Open-Source Koha Automation software system. This allows faculty and students to search the collection from the two work stations in the library and from remote locations both on and off the UB campus.

Guidelines for Using the Goetz Library

Please Note:

Use of the library is restricted to Department of Classics faculty, graduate students and undergraduate majors.

Faculty and graduate students may access the library 24 hours a day. Undergraduate majors may REQUEST access Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm, with the permission of their professor. 

General Borrowing Guidelines

  • All borrowed books MUST be signed out.
  • Borrowed books MUST NOT be removed from the Academic Center.
  • Lockwood copies should be obtained for “home” use.
  • No more than ten (10) books can be signed out by any one user.
  • Undergraduates are NOT allowed to borrow books.
  • All books should be returned to the "RETURN BOOKS HERE" cart. 

Restricted Borrowing Guidelines

  • Primary reference books MAY NOT leave the Goetz Library.
  • Any books that are not provided with a sign-out card may not leave the Goetz Library. Consult the librarian in case of doubt.

Other Guidelines

  • Reserve books may not be removed from the Goetz Library.
  • Periodicals and/or journals may be borrowed (see 3 above), if they contain a pocket-card.
  • All users are responsible for maintaining order, quiet and good working conditions. Your cooperation is extremely important. Violators will be excluded from the library.
  • Study spaces are limited; please remove your personal possessions when you leave the library.
  • The computers are for research purposes only.
Please Note:

Anyone not in compliance with the above guidelines will be asked to leave the library, and their future access will be restricted.