The James P. Neely Memorial Fund

James P. Neely.

James P. Neely
Oct. 9, 1981- April 22, 2010

Jim Neely’s life was greatly touched by his experiences as a student in the UB Department of Classics. He had an unparalleled love of learning and delighted in the pursuit of knowledge. He was fascinated most by history, and had a unique ability to make the subject interesting to those around him. Jim's family appreciates the encouragement and inspiration the Department of Classics gave Jim, and celebrates his dedication to education by offering financial assistance in his honor to inspire other UB students of classics.

Fund Details

The James P. Neely Memorial Fund offers approx. $2,000 per year to support the study of the classics by UB students. All University at Buffalo declared Classics Majors (BA) and Classics MA and PhD students are eligible to receive funding. Funds may be used for educational expenses, travel or study abroad, or other purposes deemed by department faculty as advancing the student’s experience and understanding of the classical world.

Depending on the number of applications received in a given year, financial assistance may be offered in total to one student, or divided to support several proposals. 

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for the Neely Fund, please collect the following materials:

  1. A copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) with contact information.
  2. One letter of recommendation from a Department of Classics faculty member.
  3. A 2-5 page proposal, including:
  • A statement of proposed use of the funds. Please provide a plan for the funds and an explanation of why this plan makes sense for you. Please indicate what other funds are available to you for this purpose, including personal sources or any other sources you have applied to or intend to apply to. If the application is for travel, indicate briefly any previous travel abroad and its purpose.
  • A statement of your interest in classics, including your particular focus. What excites you about classics? If you are an undergraduate student, describe how you see the study of classics as helping you and enriching your life in the future. If you are a graduate student, describe how this fund will help advance your intellectual interests in classics, as well as your career goals.

Applications should be emailed to Department of Classics Secretary Alison Blaszak at with the subject line “Neely Fund Application.” Applicants may also submit their materials in person to 338 Academic Center.                                        

Application Deadline: March 1 at 5pm

Recipients will be announced April 1. By June 1 of the following year, successful recipients must submit a 1-3 page report (accompanying photographs are encouraged) to the Department of Classics explaining how assistance from the James P. Neely Fund supported their study of classics.