Arts and Humanities

The arts and humanities focus on the human experience—across time and place—scholars and artists analyze our expansive past and shared future across a wide range of disciplines. 

  • Department of Africana and American Studies
    Serving as the university’s gateway for exploring cultural connections across borders, identities and time, the Department of Africana and American Studies operates in a unique niche between theory and practice, research and social engagement, and humanity and the environment.
  • Department of Art
    The UB Department of Art prepares students for the real-world practice of visual art and scholarship. We unite the disciplines of fine art, design and emerging practices with art history and visual theory to equip students with an interdisciplinary approach to investigating and creating the visual world.
  • Arts Management Program
    Through its unique blend of critical inquiry, analysis, and experiential learning, the program builds a student's capacity to identify and solve the problems inherent in the areas of arts management, production, and cultural policymaking
  • Asian Studies Program
    For nearly three decades the Asian Studies Program has been the nexus of Asia-focused research and study at the University at Buffalo
  • Department of Classics
    Classics is centered around the study of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. With a long-held reputation for innovative research and superior instruction, the UB Department of Classics carries particular strength in the areas of Roman culture, Greek history, archaeology and digital classics.
  • Department of Comparative Literature
    For more than fifty years the Department of Comparative Literature has been known for theoretical and philosophical studies of literature and culture from Ancient Greece to 21st century. We have created a vibrant intellectual community of internationally recognized faculty and talented graduate students from all over the world.
  • Department of English
    The UB Department of English offers a liberal arts experience within a large public university. Our students discover the power of the English language through vigorous exploration of British, American and Anglophone literary traditions as well as film studies, journalism, creative writing, global film, popular culture, mythology and folklore.
  • Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
    The UB Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies promotes critical thinking and understanding of today's diverse, multicultural world through research and teaching on feminism, women, gender and sexuality.
  • Department of History
    The UB Department of History is dedicated to the belief that the study of the past is foundational not only to a sound education, but to a full and active life. Engaging with the past gives us the tools to understand and, when necessary, confront the issues we face today.
  • Department of Jewish Thought
    The UB Department of Jewish Thought examines the central questions of human identity through the lens of the Jewish tradition. By centering on the intellectual resources of Judaism from antiquity to the present, students learn to combine the latest theoretical approaches with millennia-long tradition to address challenges of modern society.
  • Department of Media Study
    The mission of the UB Department of Media Study is to conduct research and provide educational programs in film and media production as well as theory. Renowned for its pioneering contributions to the field, the department has expanded to encompass emerging practices in addition to our existing strengths in film and video production.
  • Department of Music
    The UB Department of Music offers a stimulating environment in which students can develop their talents. Guided by world-renowned soloists, ensemble musicians, orchestral players, composers, music theorists and historical musicologists, our gifted students pursue their passion for creating, presenting and investigating music in a close-knit community of musicians and scholars.
  • Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
    All Romance languages share a common historical origin in the Latin language, evolving into French, Italian, Spanish and several others. In the UB Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, we teach courses that span the fields of language study, literary and textual studies, culture, linguistics, film and media studies, and history.
  • Department of Theatre and Dance
    The UB Department of Theatre and Dance engages emerging artists, scholars and audiences dedicated to sustaining and innovating the performing arts. Our diverse programs integrate rigorous, cross-disciplinary training, critical understanding and impassioned creation supported by close faculty mentorship and developed in collaboration with world-renowned guest artists.