Department of English

Student reading a book.

The Department of English offers a liberal arts experience within a large public university. Our students discover the power of the English language through vigorous exploration of British, American and Anglophone literary traditions as well as film studies, journalism, creative writing, global film, popular culture, mythology and folklore.

Experiential Learning

Our department’s experiential learning opportunities provide students with the chance to deepen their understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

  • Explore research projects while working closely with department faculty
  • Hone your skills in an internship at a local company or national organization
  • Attend or participate in number of department events including innovative poetry and fiction readings, film seminars and scholarly lectures


Teaching is only one of many options for English majors. Learning how to analyze language and literature makes you a better thinker, writer and communicator—skills that are essential for almost any occupation. Our graduates have found success as writers, journalists, teachers, lawyers, professors, marketers, critics and more.


  • BA in English
  • MA in English
  • PhD in English 

Combined Degrees

  • BA/EdM in English and English Education
  • BA/JD in English
  • BA/MA in English
  • BA/MS in English and School Librarianship


  • Minor in Digital Humanities
  • Minor in English
  • Minor in Global Film Studies